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Order here all the time!

Great food. Favourite korma and their signature dish chandislargh is great
placed by Stefan Arif on the 27th September 2013

utterly delicious!

This curry blew me away! Their own creation with lime, balsamic and honey, it was like nothing i've ever tasted! Truly inspired, and the service was perfect.
placed by Emma Snowsill on the 1st September 2013

Absolutely delicious.

I have been eating at the Kiplings regularly. It was good to find out that they deliver.
placed by zia on the 15th June 2013

Back to good old Bengal Lancer

Been experimenting a little recently with different take aways. Been mostly disappointed. Was so hungry yesterday and in need of a good meal that we could not risk a bad take away. Reverted back to Bengal Lancer. They give you just what you need. Great Indian food and a big smile.
placed by Ernesto Broersma on the 5th June 2013

Great korma!

That was a great order - we loved everything we got. A beginning thali and a chicken korma - all delicious
placed by Kristine Lowas on the 25th May 2013

Look No Further

the food is fabulous, the service is great and deliveries are always fast. A friend recommended me to the Lancer. It's just a brilliant place.
placed by James Alexander on the 21st April 2013

Best curry in Camden

We will only order from Bengal lancer Kentish town
placed by angela hepburn on the 9th April 2013

Repeat order - still satisfied

Nothing better than spices and curries to thaw away the snowy weather.
placed by Ken Tan on the 24th March 2013

Great to find out that they deliver!

I have been eating at the Bengal Lancer regularly. It's good to find out that they deliver.
placed by Ken Tan on the 19th March 2013

Very Disappointing

i was early to collect and had to wait a few minutes for the food so presumably it was fresh out of the kitchen, but when i got home nearly every dish was luke warm, especially the naan, royal swab and gosht hydrabadi. the gosht was expected to be "cooked on the bone" but much of what i was given, buried under the very bland coconut sauce, were just lumps of bone and gristle. the few chunks of lamb were tough. the royal swab, described as "crisp hot fried parsnips in bengali spices" was little more than cool, soggy deep fried parsnip. all in all, this turned our to be one of the worst meals i've had from anywhere for years.
placed by Mark Webber on the 16th February 2013

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